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Simplifies finance,

amplifies life

Financial technology that connects accounting, tax and portfolio reporting

Dynamik Insight Features

Total reconciled deposit

Dynamik gives you a full overview of all your investments across different providers.

Improved decision base

Dynamik gives you visibility into your portfolio, risk, liquidity and financial statements, so you can make the right decisions.

Reduced hourly consumption

A high degree of digitalisation and automation saves costs and time.

Allocation and risk

Dynamik effectively books your securities, ensuring proper accounting and tax treatment.

Simplifies finance

Integrasjon mot ditt økonomisystem

Integration with your financial system

With just a few keystrokes, you set up integration with your financial system. Once this is done, vouchers from Dynamik will be sent to the finance system, and you will have access to your value-adjusted accounting in Dynamik

Få alle dine transaksjoner enkelt inn i Dynamik, slik at du effektivt kan registrere dine kjøp og salg og dermed også tap og

Data Exchange

Get all your transactions easily into Dynamik, so you can efficiently record your purchases and sales and thus also losses and gains on your investments.

Med mobilvisningen kan også du som investor få oversikt over porteføljen, risiko, likviditet og regnskap

Dynamik View - Get the full view

With the mobile view, you as an investor can also get an overview of the portfolio, risk, liquidity and accounts. All your investments, across providers, are included.

Dashbordet gir deg raskt full oversikt over dine investeringer på tvers av ulike tilbydere

Full view with clear dashbord

The dashboard quickly gives you a full overview of your investments across different providers. With this complete overview, you will more easily be able to make the right decisions.

We look forward to hearing from you

Get in touch with us, regardless of whether you want more information about our products or need help from one of our professionally skilled employees. We are happy to help you!

Full oversikt med din mobil
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Integrasjon mot PowerofficeGo

Seamless integration

Your financial system can be easily connected to Dymanik, so that you always have an up-to-date account. You can transfer fully posted vouchers, with transactions for the purchase and sale of shares and funds, and realized gains and losses. Full overview of all your investments - simple!


We simplify the submission of tax returns, and have been used in annual settlements since 2018.

500 000

We have transferred over half a million transactions from Dynamik to the accounts.


Over 200 customers use Dynamik to easily get an overview of all their investments.

75 000

We have contributed over 75,000 hours being freed up for our customers.

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Our partners

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from 6000kr/year

Use our tool for registering your financial transactions, with equal prices based on the number of closing notes.



A fully flexible reporting module solution where you build up the reports exactly as you wish.

Pricing model

If you use Dynamik, you will free up time. Dynamic a 100% cloud-based Fintech tool that connects accounting, tax and portfolio reporting.

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