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Dynamik: The Transformation of Financial Management

Updated: Apr 25

The Dynamik adventure started back in 2018, when the four founders had an idea to create a tool that could revolutionize bookkeeping and control over financial instruments. All four were experienced economists with a solid background in accounting. After many years as accountants, they had seen the need in the market and decided to fill it.

Their story is a tale of innovation and perseverance, where the need for a better system drove them to create something new and groundbreaking. They had seen how companies struggled to use inefficient tools like Excel or inappropriate accounting systems to manage financial portfolios. The need for a more tailored solution was clear, and Dynamik was born.

The founders of Dynamik - Sveinung, Werner, og Henry

With support from investors and Innovation Norway, the journey began. The capital and trust they received gave them the drive to realize their vision. They set about developing a software that would link the flow of information from the broker to the accounts, and create a solid foundation for handling financial transactions.

One of Dynamik's key successes lies in its ability to combine ongoing accounting with continuous product development. The close interaction between accounting and IT has made it possible for them to get immediate feedback, and to make continuous improvements both on the accounting and reporting front.

Today, Dynamik has grown to become a solid environment with a mix of economists and technologists. The dedicated team with expertise across all areas of the product is ready to conquer the market with its proven solution. The name Dynamik symbolizes not only their ability to offer a tool that changes the interaction between investors, brokers and accounting offices, but also their dynamic approach to work. It represents a continuously changing landscape where actors influence each other and develop their understanding in the process.

Finally, why Dynamics with a "k"? The answer is simple: because they liked it. The name with its uniqueness has grown on them, and it fits perfectly with the unique product. It is a symbol of the desire to stand out and drive innovation in the industry.

Dynamik is not only a story of success, but also an inspiration for everyone who dreams of changing the rules of the game and creating something exceptional. The journey emphasizes the importance of identifying needs, trusting one's vision and never stopping striving for perfection. With Dynamik, they have not only changed the rules of the game, but created a completely new game.

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